Terms & Conditions

  1. The dog(s) will be walked in accordance with the instrucions given by the pets owner.
  2. Dog(s) will not be allowed to run off lead unless a high standard of obedience is proven and authorised in writing by the owner.  The dog(s) will however be exercised on an extendable lead and allowed to play and socialise according to their fitness level.
  3. A dog being trained on a walk will be given suitable reward treats as agreed with the owner, and safe toys to play with.
  4. Client's details will be treated in the strictest confidence and keys will not be labelled with name and address in case of accidental loss.
  5. Canine Feline is fully insured against key loss and third party liability.
  6. In the case of a medical emergency, veterinary treatment will be promptly sought and all costs will be borne by the owner.  All attempts will be made to contact the owner or emergency contact at the earliest opportunity.
  7. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that all collars are fitted correctly to prevent slipping and are in good condition to prevent breakage that could result in the dog(s) becoming loose.
  8. It is the owner's legal responsibility to ensure that the dog(s) wear a collar with owner identification attached at all times.  Canine Feline can not walk the dog(s) without this legal requirement being complied with.
  9. On return from a walk, Canine Feline will make sure the dog(s) have been made comfortable (Dried after a rain shower) and have plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.
  10. If any of the agreed days and times cannot be met, or in case of cancellation at least 48 hours notice will be given and the same is required by the owner.  For home boarding 7 days notice will be given, the same is required by the owner. This would not apply in unforeseen circumstances like illness.
  11. All animals will be transported in suitable crates for their size, comfort and safety.
  12. A 20% non refundable deposit is taken to secure all bookings.  Full payment is required upon day of commencement for home boarding and at pick up time for Daycare.
  13. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that all dogs are up to date with their current vaccinations. Dogs that are not up to date will not be walked or home boarded.
  14. Boarders will be dropped off and collected before 12pm at a time convenient to both parties. If collection is after 12pm then an extra days charge will apply.
  15. Un-neutered bitches will only be boarded if not due for a season, if a bitch comes into season whilst boarding then an additional £10 per day will be chargeable.   
  16. Un-neutered males will not be home boarded.
  17. Any damage caused by a boarding animal must be paid for on collection by the owners.
  18. Bitches in season will not be walked in public areas.
  19. Dogs boarding will be socialised with other dogs within the household. Both the resident dogs and other visiting dogs.  Dogs will only be mixed in a supervised environment.
  20. Dogs are boarded entirely at the owners own risk. Although every effort is made to provide a safe environment Canine Feline cannot be held liable in any way for any injury or veterinary treatment costs.
  21. In the unlikely event of an animal being abandoned. Canine Feline will make every effort to contact the owner. After 7 days past the expected collection date the dog will be classed as abandoned. Every effort will be made to re home them, and they may be signed over to a rescue centre.